Rudi Murphy

@murphography_ - is a danish photographer. He Grew up in a small village on the westcoast of Denmark, a place where you couldn’t take a crap without the the whole town speaking about it. He started skating at the age of 10 and started traveling to other cities with his homies in search of skatespots and other outcasts with the same rebellious contempt of societys’ boring standards. Eventually he ended up moving to Copenhagen where he purchased his first camera. He started moving into the streets as a rookie street photographer developed his shooting style: raw, urban with high contrast. After developing a taste for photographing people he slowly progressed into fashion photography which is his main thing today. Combining his lifestyle as a street rat with fashion portraiture he manifested his raw style which he expresses in his pics. He feels most comfortable shooting portraits in the open outdoor as he feel quite claustrophobic and limited in studios and closed environments.